Intellectual Property

L 4481/2017 on collective management of copyright and related rights and multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online use and the regulation of collecting societies or collective protection societies of intellectual property rights and related rights and of independent management entities, as well amendments of the provisions of Law 2121/1993, was published on the 20.07.2017. The new provisions are trying to regulate the market and to provide practical solutions to the issues of dealing effectively with on line protection and dispute resolution. Someone could also consider as very important, the provisions relating to disclosure of information (Article 28), the Annual Report on Transparency and its content (Articles 29 and 30) and for the infringement of rights on the Internet (Article 52), in particular those relating to the disclosure of information and the permission to lift privacy for the purpose of ascertaining the Internet offense / felony to the extent of the infringement of copyright and related rights provided for in Law 2121/1993