Intellectual Property

Stassinopoulos & Associates Law Office provides guidance for protecting the rights of people who create original works such as artistic works (music, plays and novels), inventions, trademarks and brand recognition of a company or business. The purpose of the office is to protect any creative work, before the development of new technologies as well as new technology artists’ work. The office provides advice on the prevention and seeking damages for breach.


  • Contracts and Licenses
  • Protected works
  • Derivative Works and Collections
  • Databases
  • Multimedia
  • Protection of moral rights
  • Protection of the economic right
  • Creative Commons


  • Patents of inventions
  • Patents
  • Contracts for transfer of the right
  • licensing contract


  • Name and distinctive products and companies
  • Industrial and Trademark
  • Greek and Alien Signals
  • Registration of Marks
  • Representation before the Administrative Trademark Committee
  • Concession License
  • Civil and Criminal Protection