Technology & Data Protection

In Stasinopoulos & Associates Law Office, we understand commercial risks that technology companies face throughout their business life cycle. We advise companies on software and hardware procurement and we provide practical advice.

Cloud service providers are waking up to customer concerns such as data privacy, service continuity, service suspension and return of data on exit. We can help mitigate the key business risks associated with cloud services, including the structuring of private and hybrid cloud structures where confidentiality is a particularly sensitive issue.

  • Advertising on Internet services and information society
  • Data processing agreements and clauses
  • Data transfers
  • Collection of Consents
  • Consumer protection
  • E-commerce transactions
  • Electronic documents and electronic signatures
  • Enforcement action
  • Management of e-mails
  • Notifications of data breaches
  • Online contracts
  • Protection of privacy in electronic communications
  • Protection of databases
  • Storing and processing of personal data
  • SLAs
  • Transactions by credit card or electronic funds
  • Transfer files and data
  • Unsolicited e-mail
  • Web site operators’ obligations