About the Office

Stasinopoulos & Associates Law Office is an independent law office with a rich history, and centuries-long tradition of advising private families, individuals businesses and entrepreneurs, from asset managers to technology start ups.

19th Century

Founded in the late 19th century by two brothers Evangelos and his brother Spyros Stasinopoulos, founding members of the Athens Bar Association, although Spyros Stasinopoulos eventually became a Notary public and an early member of the Hellenic Notary Association.

20th Century

The children of Spyros Stasinopoulos continued the legacy, Costas Stasinopoulos Attorney at law and member of the Athens Bar Association and Vassilios Stasinopoulos Notary Public and member of Notary Association of Athens. The son of Vassilios Stasinopoulos, Spyros Stasinopoulos became the 3rd generation of lawyers and his wife Panagiota Stasinopoulou-Efstathiou, as a member of the Notary Association of the Courts of Appeal, Athens–Piraeus continued the history of the Stasinopoulos family as a Notary public.

21st Century

Today, heritage sustained and proven path more than 100 years in the legal world, the fourth generation of lawyers, continue to provide services and legal advice both to individuals and businesses.

Realizing the profession as a vocation and not as a casual pastime, the main concern of the firm is the hint of timeless and long lasting efficient solutions in the best interests of customers. With discretion, consistency, confidence and next to the client considering each case as a special case of equal weight and importance.

The aim is to provide the best legal advice to suit each case, a full and comprehensive guidance, representation in Greek law, and at an International and European level.

Kostas Stasinopoulos CV

Κostas Stassinopoulos representing the 4th generation of lawyers, and head of the Stasinopoulos & Associates Law Office, is a lawyer at the Supreme Court, specializing in New Technology Law. Has extensive experience in consultancy as well as in litigation, and has trained various executives of domestic and multinational companies.