Telecommunications and Personal Data

The data of mobile phone subscribers who do not pay or do not pay on time, was licensed by the Data Protection Authority (Ref. No. Γ/ΕΞ/2837/18-05-2015) to be registered in the Data Exchange System of insolvent mobile telephone subscribers to create the registry of insolvent mobile subscribers, in the standards of banking registry “Tyresias”. Greek Mobile Operators Association considered necessary the establishment of the organization under the name TELEGNOUS – TELECOMMUNICATIONS SOLVENCY ASSESSMENT AGENCY Private Company, for the mobile electronic communications service providers to be able to check the potential customer’s creditworthiness for a new Mobile Telephony connection and thus assessing credit risk in mobile telephony. However, as it is stated in the license of Greek DPA, under no circumstances can the Information Exchange System be used for the exclusivity of the consumer by telecommunications services, which are particularly important for his daily routine or to be excluded from the transferability.

The rationale and permission of the Greek DPA is based on the provisions of Law 2472/1997. By applying the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), it will be interesting how this new entity will respond and adapt to the new obligations imposed by the Regulation as well as to the rights of consumers.